Desktop application icon


I need to create a desktop application icon so that the application launches from the clear linux desktop.
Is there a way to do this?

We are using a touchscreen monitor.


This could work.

Edit: Alright did a little reading and you could get a problem trying to install a gnome-extension via Firefox. Check this thread for help with that (user confirms it works with chromium-based browsers).

on gnome:

  1. install desktop icons NG from gitlab (installation instruction are on the bottom of the readme) or from gnome extensions

  2. (turn on the extension, and refresh gnome-shell by pressing Alt+F2, typing in r and then pressing enter)

  3. drag icons from dash or applications to the Desktop or copy the .desktop file corresponding to the desired application from /usr/share/applications/ to ~/Desktop

  4. make the .desktop file on the Desktop executable

  5. right click on the .desktop file and select ‘Allow Launching’ from the popup menu

you can also install the dash to dock gnome extension which is similar to what you want