How to manually start Gnome Desktop with all extras, shells and e.t.c

If we install Clean Linux Desktop version - we got nice GNOME Desktop thing.
With “Dash to Docks” icons, with “Tweeks” and everything.
With nice black bar on top of desktop.


If we install Clear Linux Server, and then install “Desktop bundle” and then run “startx” command, we will got only “basic” GNOME Desktop.
White ( not black ) bar on top.
There is no “Dash to docks”, no “activities” no “tweeks” …

It’s look like “startx” command run only basic Desktop , and my question is -

how to start GNOME Desktop from command line with ALL extrass, extensions and e.t.c.

Thank you.

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You don’t. Gnome is somewhat dependent on launching through gdm. I don’t recommend starting it from a cli. Start gdm.service instead and log in.