Displaylink / EVDI in Clear Linux

I’m trying to get my Displaylink device running on Clear Linux. The Ubuntu .deb file runs fine on Ubuntu/PopOS but I’m a little lost as to how to get it running on Clear Linux, and I rely on that device to operate two of my monitors. I’ve searched quite a bit but am still a little lost as to where to look

It looks like DisplayLink has been tailord for Ubuntu/Debian style systems and not all of it is open source. I imagine it will be challenge getting it to work well on any other Linux distribution.

If you’re up for the challenge, these are some links to start looking at:

Hello, I don’t know if you already installed displaylink driver.

I was able to install it on my laptop, good news:

  • You don’t have to change anything from driver’s source code.
  • You have to install kernel source and kernel dkms for your kernel version (native or lts)

lsb_release is not available in clearlinux, honestly, I don’t understand why, but you can use download this script https://gist.github.com/skx/1f9e5240856c5976193a and save it as /usr/bin/lsb_release, of course as sudo with exec permissions.

Then you have to create 2 new folders (as sudo)
sudo mkdir /etc/udev/rules.d
sudo mkdir /lib/systemd/system-sleep

Now, you just simple download displaylink’s driver from official page.
chmod +x displaylink-driver-5.2.14.run
displaylink-driver-5.2.14.run --noexec --keep
cd displaylink-driver-5.2.14
./displaylink-installer.sh install

…and reboot

Now, the bad news:
At least for me, the screens connected to the docking station have some kind of lag…
I mean, if I press keys, I don’t see the last key pressed, I see the previous one… If I open a new window or a menu, I don’t see the menu until I move the mouse… so it seems some events are missing, but this is not a driver or kernel issue, It’s gnome’s.

Before trying clear linux, I was using openSUSE tumbleweed with gnome 3.32, and everthing worked good, but after I upgraded to gnome 3.34 I had the same issue… I thought my opensuse installation got broken, so I started again with a new openSUSE installation, but the problem was there… and I couldn’t go back to 3.32

So I thought, the issue was in the kernel, so I installed ClearLinux with lts kernel, but I found this same problem, so the issue is in the gnome 3.34, I would like to build gnome 3.32 by myself but I don’t know how.

anyway, I hope you don’t have this issue.

@WBryant Have you been able to install Displaylink driver yet?

I have it woking fine now using X.org instead of wayland.

You have to follow “Configuring X Server” section at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DisplayLink

And also the " Workaround 2: Temporarily disable PageFlip for modesetting" section to make it work.

Hi rAngeles,

I’m trying to install the displaylink driver too. I’m getting this error when running the install command:

** No rule to make target ‘scripts/basic/fixdep.c’, needed by ‘scripts/basic/fixdep’. Stop.

thank you

Thanks, I’ll try that next time I install it, Displaylink was too critical to everyday work so I gave up.

Hi @syncord, this issue is related to linux headers installation…

I’m using LTS kernel, make sure you are installing de kernerl headers for your kernel.