Docker 20.10.1 ETA

Is there an ETA for Docker 20.10.1 on Clear Linux? ATM we’re stuck on 19.03.13, which is a problem if you’re operating a Docker Swarm with Debian hosts, which are on 20.10.1 already. Btw, where is this progress tracked? Thanks!

Thanks, but that’s a rather suboptimal solution for production systems. Are there plans to support the current Docker version in Clear Linux? And if so, where can I track the progress?

Go to Github and submit a update request

Current (new) docker version supports cgroupsv2 which might also open a way for podman and toolbox support.

^ Is there some sort of guidelines on what to post on a forum and what is an update/pull request?
Tbh, this response seems to be a bit rude unless there are some clear guidelines to follow.

In general, forum is not where you report a bug or submit a request for new package or package update. You should go to GitHub and that’s the only place for these issues.

You can freely discuss about topics related to CL, including discussion on bugs, feature requests, etc. But you should not expect all discussion will be read by the team members. Therefore you should always make specific requests on GitHub instead of here. I think this is common sense.

Well, speaking of common sense it’s more reasonable to ask about the ETA for new package on the forum rather than going to Github and creating an issue.

Requesting new package or reporting a bug? Yeah sure, github is common sense.

I only spend 2 days reading up this “community” forum and something tells me it’s just worth a wait for someone to fork the project or just grab all those shiny performance flags and incorporate it into something rpm/deb based.

Thanks for the reply and good luck :slight_smile:

I think the best that you can do is open an issue on github requesting an update then create a topic here with a link to the issue for related community discussion (and to inform the community that an issue exists).

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Yes, please! This exactly what we want you to do!


Semi-serious question: do I upvote the request here, or reply to the open github issue? Or both? I have no common sense, and it’s an oxymoron, whereas I’m but a moron.

Pic for attention, and to show the powers that may I’ve paid my tithe to the Intel gods.

I came for the fast compiling, I stayed for the nice balance of snarky and gentle nudges here.


The official answer is Github. I’ll see if I can’t find out what the plan is.

Much thanks – simply playing around with lots of dev-only stuff, such as Traefik on a bare metal Docker Swarm…not really a ClearLinux OS gripe, but tired of all the hacky workarounds related to not having available out of the box. My (limited) understanding is that with new version of docker that it’s usable for Linux, whereas it did not used to be. Any who thread-jack and point to better ways (dev only here), happy to use these instead.

So the good news is that it definitely is on the list to take care of. However there are some tasks that are in the queue ahead of it (e.g. resolving a Kubernetes update issue moving from 1.17 to 1.19, and updating libvirt).

So stay tuned :slight_smile:

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idk man … I think rancher was still on 19.03 the last time I checked. curl | sudo sh gets old, cause then you need to hack ansible to get it to check for docker first. lol

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Where’s Clr going next with libvirt? We’re on 6.6.0 on our alpine hosts. Last I checked CL was on 5.8.0

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Slightly off-topic: what are all of the boards you have in that cluster there? And are the all running up to a bunch of… IDE connectors? I’m curious about your setup, as someone who knows nothing about home lab cluster setups.

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looks like a bitcoin rig made out of a cluster of nucs hooked up to a bunch of GPU’s.

Ten nucs, with some 3-d printed SSD stacking mounts for each drive, under a fan, plus a 16 port switch, plus a shucked netgear router, plus my RV-store version of a blade fuse, all hand soldered and crammed into an mITX case; not exactly conventional IDE are the weird internal NUC 22 Pin SATA Replacement Cable Harness

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I’m happy to announce that Docker 20.10.5 now included the latest release, 34380


With regards to libvirt, looks like we’ve updated to 7.0.0 as of last month