Error when verifying ISO integrity or installing clear linux

I just got my new PC (Intel 12700), downloaded clear linux “clear-36010-live-desktop”, created bootable usb, but whenever I boot into USB and click on “verify ISO integrity” or “Clear Linux OS”, it shows
“[0.764403] Driver ‘idxd’ was unable to register with bus_type ‘dsa’ because the bus was not initialized.” and the screen remains stuck on that.

Can someone please help me to debug or solve this?


I haven’t heard of any problems like you are describing. Depending on the speed of the USB stick, it may appear stuck, but still be working in the background. It’s not clear to me if the last message is a fatal error or just the last information message posted while it got busy doing something else. I just did an ‘verify ISO integrity’ check and the first few boot messages were on the screen for nearly 4 minutes while it ran the check without any signs of progress before the boot eventually successfully completed.
Alternately, since I know we just updated the image download page to that newer version, you could retry with an older installer - say version 35000, which was our ‘go to version’ for download for a long time.

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I had this same issue on an i7-12700kf and, as you suggested, waiting for some time resulted in an installation screen.

Just had this issue. Stuck there forever and the usb is 3.0 on a usb 3.2 port, also tested a 3.1 port both are backports which are faster. The motherboard is a z790 hero and the cpu is a 13900k. 128gb ddr5 if it helps on an nvme sn850x.

Managed to boot into GUI after switching off Intel Rapid Storage Technology in BIOS. I have a ROG Maximus Z790 Apex with a RTX 4090.

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You saved me, had the same issue

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If you update the system @Sakru to the latest kernel, I think you should be able to switch the RST ON. I have no problems booting now with RST ON now.