Ethernet interfaces

Why suddenly the network interfaces of my device changes the state to DOWN and even If the link is connected is impossible to change it to UP.

Also, sometimes, Wi-Fi interface disappears and It is impossible to re enable. In this case the interface disappears and only is solved unplugging the power supply, If I do a reboot, the system crashes.

This suggests that some piece of hardware is failing. The link can only be brought UP if the cable is connected AND both endpoints are “link trained” - in other words, they are both electrically ready to communicate. I would check your switch and inspect the link status lights, the output of ethtool for the interface, and the system logs.

Is this a different interface than the “ethernet” interface you talked about in the first paragraph? Start with inspecting your system logs. It looks like hardware failures from a quick glance.

As a probe/error check, if I connect to other device its state is UP and communication is successful. When i plug it into the device with Clear Linux it is sitll down and not working. So the switch is working well. I also inspect the logs, and I don’t found any clear issue.

Yes, this is another interface. No hardware failure appears. The system does not detect it anymore.