Lost WIFI after (I think) last update!

Machine: Lenovo Thinkpad X1
Issue: No Wifi interface or/and connection!
What’s this guys???
I use this laptop to work!
Nice speed compared with other distros, but this is not admissible!
Can anyone help? Fast???
Thank you in advance…


Same problem with CoreBox Pro machine.
No Wifi interface after update.
Thanke you

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I have the same problem.
Acer E15 - Core I3 - 7th Gen
No wifi interface, no connection after update.

Please, I need solution.
Thanks in advance

I was able to roll back to the previous version chrooting in from another distro.

swupd repair -m <version #> --force

Lessons learned: don’t update without a full backup you can restore to. Turn autoupdate off. Clear Linux desperately needs a stable version. Install another stable distro on your computer to fall back on. CL is great, but it’s the most unstable distro I’ve ever used!

Love this distro by it’s speed and performance, but I agree: very unstable!
I cannot imagine that INTEL CORP has some role on this movie!
This is very unprofessional!
This OS is dead.
I’m really disappointed!

I’ve sent an e-mail to INTEL asking if this is the way they treat clients: deleting a topic that is only my sincere opinion about this project: I will post-it in my facebook, and talk about this to my friends and colleagues. Linux is freedom, and I think you are in the wrong place, project and spending money for nothing.
Going back to FEDORA: a real project with honest and transparent people.

I also have the same problem after updating.no wifi no Bluetooth.

Issue seems to be resolved :

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I went through this too.
Clear Linux is the fastest distribution I’ve used to date. However, it is very unstable.
Fortunately I built a system image on an external drive with Clonezilla before the update. Thus it was possible to restore and avoid this disaster.

Well, Clear Linux is free and not a paid distro, Intel is putting resourses into this without charging for it, they focus in much more stuff than CL… (And I believe CL actually represent very little of all of what they do, they are even making GPUs now.)
However, I agree that it is annoying when stuff like this happens, Wi-Fi broke 2 times for me thanks to updates, it brings me back memories from Windows…

Anyway, it would be nice if Intel could put a dedicated QA team to throughly test the updates before they are sent, that should improve stability.

Other than that, I have nothing more to complain, maybe a thread in the feedback section can be opened talking about this.

EDIT: And well… maybe the NVIDIA’s driver stuff… but that’s a known issue and I believe is more a problem of NVIDIA not opening up their drivers than CL’s fault.
Thankfully we have marioroy that helps with that :slight_smile:

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Intel didn’t delete your email. A community member flagged it for review as inappropriate, hiding it from general viewing. I’ve reviewed it, and while your opinions are strong (understandably) I don’t see any reason to block them.
I’m sorry you were impacted. When the engineers return after the holidays, I’ll see if we can figure out what happened.


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Update - there were changes being made to the compression schemes used in Clear Linux around this time frame. We’re looking into moving to Zstd by default, but there were issues with the lts2021 kernel not being ready for that. We rolled back to XZ with aggressive options in 37870 (which is where I believe we broke the firmware loads), and then relaxed to more conservative options in 37880 (which is why they started working again.
While we have automated testing in place for server builds, the desktop testing is manual right now, and touch tested on Intel hardware for specific builds (ISO images posted to Downloads | Clear Linux* Project), meaning that we’d be unlikely to see issues impacting non-intel hardware.