Firefox Flatpak

The fine people at RedHat working on a Firefox Flatpak. I use it (the Developer version) on Clear, runs well so far.

What is the main selling point for a flatpaked Firefox?

Is this a general question or a personal question at me? I can’t speak in general, but i personally would say Flatpak packages make distribution and maintenance on different distributions easier.


flatpak remote-ls flathub-beta

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Even better. Thank you for the hint!

A general question. Because it’s already available in swupd…

This certainly is something we would like to encourage, and we may at some point switch to providing this by default. However, it would have to come e.g. from and not from a semi-personal website as is right now, and be out of beta. Will follow this, though.

Sorry for the late reply.

After thinking about it, i have to say that i do not know enough about Bundle and Flatpak to answer this question. My first thought was (as written above) that it makes it easier to distribute applications, which i still think is true, but i’m not sure about package size, security and other aspects. Looks like both “formats” have its advantages and disadvantages.

don’t worry. i’m on silverblue & clear linux. flatpaks are cool, flatpaks are gnome (-alex), flatpaks are not snaps/pope, & flatseal gives you more control - outside the terminal. less complexity, less dependency-hell(s), less everything. simplicity, minimalism, isolation = security. one can’t have everything, but it’s not necessary to have any obscure package out there. less grief is a good thing (@some linux - youtubers & a (not) very special ubuntu - clear - linux - mailinglist - guy).

My thoughts, too. The only advantage i see at the moment are the Delta updates with Bundle, but i may missing other points.

I don’t understand what the difference is between a flatpak, a snap, and an app from something like the old Ubuntu software store. Why is one better than the other?

… since brave only comes up with massive error messages in journalctl -f, i have definitely switched to the stable flatpak version of ff. a few tweaks, and the browser runs with wayland support + the funky-fonts-problem (current version) can be solved. youtube & co. works out-of-the-box, but still bumpy. will be fixed in the next versions, apparently. until then, celluloid can also be used as a substitute.