Folding@home - how to install?


does anyone know how to install folding@home on Clear Linux?
I have tried the classic rpm -i way but with no success.

I want to let my work computer run to contribute to

Even if my PC will not run any WU on this particular topic but it will free some capacity by running other jobs on folding at home.

Anyone already folding with CL?

related github issue:

Due to the complexity, I fear that compiling is likely very complex.

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There are tons of docker containers being published with a premade folding client, unfortunately it’s kind of a wild west right now:

Even on a supported distro like Ubuntu the client side download for folding is problematic, I opted to join rosetta@home instead, which is also solving for covid-19: swupd bundle-add boinc-client and then run boinc and register with the project.

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dear @ahkok thankyou - I was not aware that this has been discussed on github already.

@castrojo docker is a good alternative - i was thinking about it aswell. In the past I did some projects with gpu passthrough but I was hoping that there is a more native approach. I will use boinc instead as you mentioned. F@H has already issues to distribute enough packages. My Desktop has no WU and is ideling (gpu)

slightly ot but it is related to your suggestion. Does boinc correctly regocnize your GPU ? (I have cuda installed and it shows up in nvidia-smi aswell but …none of it can be seen by boinc)

I don’t have an nvidia gpu on my clear machine, but I don’t think rosetta@home supports GPUs anyway?

Unfortunately I have one…but this is another topic.

rosetta@home is not using GPU afaik but GPUGRID which is also contributing to COVID-19 research.