Fully utilize Discoverable Partition Specification

In that article, its mentioned that CL utilizes the GPT Type code 8304 to find the root filesystem and mount it. I have my home partition set with type code 8302 (the Linux /home partition type code) but CL/systemd is not automounting it.

This has worked in ArchLinux before and I don’t recall needing to do anything other than apply the type codes. Is this something CL can accomplish? Am I missing a step and maybe this should already happen?


The rootfs is passed to the kernel by PARTUUID. I’m not sure where you get the information on the MNT_HOME from, though, using labels shouldn’t happen. systemd can likely mount /home filesystems automatically, and we should just rely on that.

I think it was confused with partition labels such as CLR_MNT_/home which the clr-installer can use to identify target partitions for advanced partitions during installation.

The systemd auto mounting should work if the partition GUID is set. I don’t think partition type ID is enough. https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-gpt-auto-generator.html

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I needed to add 4 partitions to my CL system.
/share (a user shared system between distros)
/backup for alternate day backups
/scratch1 for development
/scratch2 an alternative for /tmp, eg larger downloads

I created the mount points via mkdir and filled in the /etc/fstab
using info from sudo blkid or sudo lsblk -o …

So, I have a mix of CL owned partitions and my own. My system works just fine (2 months with no problems).

Hey y’all, thanks for the responses.

For the record, I was also trying what @Air_Dedman had suggested, whose information I got from https://docs.01.org/clearlinux/latest/get-started/bare-metal-install-server.html#additional-partitions-optional

I am an idiot though and named the partition CLR_HOME. haha. Whoops. Anyway, it seems I could go back and either apply this route or continue to try to figure out why the type partition code is not making the partition get auto-mounted to /home.

I’m disinclined to pursue the former because I don’t want to have partition names assigned that represent just a single distro when I share my home partition across multiple. I mean I like CL, but I can be a little bit of a distro-holic :smiley:

As for the latter, I’m going to see if I can follow the boot log and dmesg a little more to debug what is going on. I believe this to be more of a configuration issue with me and systemd rather than a CL issue.