How does Clear mount encrypted root without /etc/crypttab?

Hi Team,

I’m aware of this document for /etc/fstab:

Is there an equivalent for what would normally be /etc/crypttab?

Looking for similar information to the fstab document as to how Clear discovers and automounts it’s luks encrypted volume (for the root partition)?

In this case, I just did a completely standard, destructive install on to a spare drive I had available. I’m trying to understand how it detects the relevant luks container, opens it and knows to mount it as root). I’m assuming it’s by ‘knowing’ the cryptsetup luksUUID somewhere (presumably the root .mount file?), and the partition label of ‘/’ (or perhaps the Part GUID of 4f68bce3-e8cd-4db1-96e7-fbcaf984b709)?

I suspect what I’m after lives here, but I can’t come up with a systemctl show/edit command to see what -.mount says…

UNIT                           LOAD   ACTIVE SUB     DESCRIPTION
-.mount                        loaded active mounted Root Mount
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Okay, I think I’m right in saying it comes from the cmdline:

These being the two relevant parameters (are there others specific to a luks root?):