Gnome 3.38 displays incorrect time

Hey there,

I know this is or has been discussed here and that this is an issue of GNOME, but other distros seem to have already applied patches to fix the issue meanwhile Clear Linux had at least 2-3 updates and neither of them fixed the issue.

Is there at least an ETA to when this would’ve been fixed or a workaround?

Just to clarify, I mean this issue: timedatectl displays the local time correctly, while GNOME adds an hour extra. GNOME incorrectly assumes that the timezone in Prague is UTC+02 but it is currently UTC+01.

Thanks in advance.

The easiest solution is to learn to live with UTC time.

That’s like saying move into a country that uses UTC+00 to fix this. Not really acceptable.

Probably this helps


Yes, the time is displaying correctly and the same as in timedatectl. Thank you very much.