How do I change /home to another partition

I have installed clear linux on my ssd, but it doesn’t have too much space left. So how do I change my /home partition !?

Create an /etc/fstab and make an entry for /home on the other partition. Alternatively, you can make a mount unit (e.g. home.mount) and stick it in /etc/systemd/system if you prefer that method. Both are fine. Refer to man 5 fstab or man systemd.mount for directions on the content of these files. If you make a mount unit, make sure to systemctl enable it so it gets mounted at boot time.

Some more background information on what @ahkok said here:

I noticed when I create a mount for /var on a disk separate disk from root that it breaks the system entirely. Have to remove the new /var mount and run reinstall to get system working again. Hopefully this issue is fixed with new update.

I always keep /var /home and other growing folders on a separate HDD to avoid writes to SSD

Better for speed too.

You can still do a daily backup to that SSD with a single zipped tar file.

You can see a previous topic answer.