How do you pass a boot parameter to the kernel on boot?

I’d like to pass a kernel parameter on boot, but come from grub based systems, how do I specify this in clear?

The docs mention this when building a custom kernel but not for just passing one to the stock kernel.

man clr-boot-manager covers the configuration options towards the bottom.

Essentially create a file in path /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/*.conf and the contents of that file will be added to the kernel cmdline after each kernel update.

To update the kernel parameters for next boot you’ll need to run this for it to take effect.

clr-boot-manager update

Via cat /proc/cmdline you can verify whether the new kernel parameter has been applied after boot.


So in Ubuntu I have to add the following line in /etc/default/grub and run ‘sudo update-grub’


I should add the same line of text in /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/grub.conf and then ‘sudo clr-boot-manager update’ ?

No, because grub is not used, so this would be invalid (the kernel would skip the option since it doesn’t recognize it).

You can try putting psmouse.synaptics_intertouch=1 into a file called /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/synaptics.conf (without the GRUB_.... stuff).