How to install Clear Linux in a Surface Go from Xubuntu

Hi guys, I’m running Xubuntu in my Surface Go 3 and now I want to move to Clear Linux. But I’m quite a noob and I’m facing some obstacles. The facts are these:

-Initially, from Windows 11, I created a bootable USB for Xubuntu (22.04) using Rufus. I don’t understand too much about partitions, UEFI/BIOS, etc., but the thing is that at first I used a GPT partition in Rufus and it didn’t work. It only worked when I used MBR partition option.

-I have been using Xubuntu for some time (installed the kernel for Surface from GitHub - linux-surface/linux-surface: Linux Kernel for Surface Devices), very happy, but I have noted that my PC warms too much with just a few things open.

-I heard about Clear Linux recently and its performance on Intel based hardware and decided to try it

-BUT, when I used Etcher to create the bootable, it didn’t work. It seems that I’m facing the same issue I faced with Windows when I used the GPT partition, but not sure. I couldn’t find a version of Rufus for Xubuntu either.

-I tried also mkusb, didn’t work either, but maybe just don’t know how to use it.

I think that I need to create the bootable in MBR partition, but I need some expert opinion. Can you help me?

I managed to install pop_os on my surface pro 7. Booted with Ventoy installed on a USB drive (UEFI) where I have a lot of distros. Unfortunately, CL would not boot.

Ventoy is super cool. You just copy and paste ISOs into the Ventoy drive after downloading the distro. No Rufus or Etcher nonsense.

I’ll have to have a play with that. DistroWatch . Ventoy lists (66) Clear Linux as working.

@pixelgeek CL plays along nicely with Ventoy and my desktop PC. On my surface pro 7 however, CL boot screen comes up but then crashes before the installer GUI.

@Indy thanks for the info. I will try Ventoy to see what happens. Ill let you know if it works with surface go.

You are welcome @Esteban_Gonzalez. In the end I installed Windows 10 in my Surface Pro 7 as there was no driver for the webcam. Hope the installation goes well :+1: