Is it possible to configure Clear Linux OS to boot automatically into RAM?

I have a computer with only one USB port, and I need to remove the USB stick to insert a keyboard.(i cant use a USB hub)

i don’t know if ventoy can help you, ventoy can boot iso from local storage. but you need keyboard to do that. but here FAQ . Ventoy it says that you can install ventoy to local storage. no usb flash drive required :smiley:

Why don’t you use a USB splitter?

If i install ventoy to the internal hhd (there is only one it is a surface tablet with broken screen) then i will end up with a ventoy installation without an linux iso to boot into, correct?

live on some island hard to get hardware


btw, found it on reddit:

Try to boot the USB with toram kernel parameter, and watch the boot messages. Keep in mind that if there’s an issue flashing the usb drive and you reboot you’ll be left with no OS

I don’t know if it works on Clear Linux or not.