UEFI install only shows on legacy boot

Clear Linux Server

Dell UEFI machine, UEFI mode enabled with secure boot off

Usb media created with Ventoy, shows as UeFI

Installs fine, advanced with partition name schemes as official tutorial

Only shows boot option as LEGACY , No UEFI boot option for installed system, only USB stick

Could it be due to Ventoy USB? Can I create a UEFI entry manually? I tried through bios pointing to native kernel in the EFI parition but it halts on boot with kernel error

try to reinstall systemd-boot. make sure that your stirage using GPT.

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Fixed by disabling Legacy Mode compatibility on bios and reinstalling the entire system

Ventoy clear linux default boot option fails, only grub one boots, this may have caused some legacy bios misshappen. but as i said disabling legacy compatibilty seems to have made it force uefi