How to install selinux

Hi was trying to use MATLAB but when i try to open simulink or addons page it report as missing library. There is a way to install this in clear linux? I wasn’t able to find any guide or topic on this.
Thanks you

Clear Linux does not have the SELinux components enabled in the kernel or userspace programs.

Does the missing library message block that part of MATLAB from working completely?

OK, thank you.
Yes, I don’t know why but the simple MATLAB engine works without problem, but when you launch simulik, that is a system simulator, the program try to create a new window and this require that library, so it fail to start and I’m unable to make it working in other ways

I can’t speak for MATLAB, but it isn’t uncommon to need as part of a dependency of a library bundled with a program. This generally occurs from someone bundling glib from ubuntu which does require it.

It was actually a requirement for Steam runtime so I ended up building a compat build here (which statically links in all parts that are needed into the one library), but ended up ensuring LSI still used the system glib instead so I no longer needed it for that purpose.

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