How to install VMware horizon client

I am not able to install VMware horizon client

Download latest version from

  1. Execute sudo ./VMware-Horizon-Client- x.x.x - yyyyyyy .x86.bundle to install Horizon Client, where x.x.x is the version number and yyyyyyy is the build number.
    2.Accept the license agreement.
    3.Click Next on the Customize the Installation wizard page.
  2. The Uninstall dialog box appears after installing VMware Install 2.1.
    Click Yes .
    The Installation Was Unsuccessful wizard page appears.

Any ideas.

It looks like the VMWare installer is tested with Ubuntu and RedHat distributions. You may have to resort to a manual install as described in but that involves knowing where all the files are supposed to live.


@melwin.a3 @pixelgeek You can extract the bundle, check ./VMware-Horizon-Client- *x.x.x* - *yyyyyyy* .x86.bundle --help in case you need the separate files.

Let us know if you work it out.