Install app that's not in bundle or flatpak?

Is it possible to install an application that’s not in a bundle and isn’t currently a flatpak? VMWare Horizon Client would be the one app that I’d need to switch and try out Clear. Let me know. Thanks!

You can install applications outside of swupd, but bear in mind that software must be manually updated and maintained.

I see the VMware Horizon View Client for Linux is composed of different subsystems for features the client can provide. These links look helpful:

My advice would be to try installing it with the features you want and see if there are any missing libraries that can’t be found in an existing Clear Linux bundle.

Excellent. I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks!

It’s always possible to add software, and there are many ways. You can install software in to your home directory, or as root to /usr/local or even /opt. This may not necessarily work for your specific software, but it could help in other cases.