How to successfully resume from suspend

I invoke suspend by using the menu or momentarily popping the power switch. The system does not fully enter suspend. With other distros, in suspend mode, the power light is blinking, and any motion of the mouse or keypress will cause the system to resume. With CL, the powerlight is a “steady on”.

It appears that the mouse and keyboard are locked out, and the system appears *quiesced.
To try to resume, I have to momentarily touch the power-on switch. The system resumes, but there is no keyboard or mouse activity.

Both the keyboard and mouse are USB powered. Leading me to suspect that system suspend was not completed properly.

Only recourse is to reboot.

That is annoying.

Can you capture the output of journal and dmesg while doing this? I’m wondering if multiple services are trying to trigger a system suspend/resume at the same time.

I will do some experimenting with suspend testing in the AM, I will collect the dmesg, and review the journal after the “reboot”


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Further testing with later kernels yields no change. If I pop the power button to invoke suspend,
there is no recourse but to reboot.