Suspend mode doesn't work

Hi, I’m using Clearlinux build 32070 on an Intel NUC 7 core i3, with settings “Power Button Action” is “Suspend”. But when I press power button on my NUC, it just sleeps for 1 sec then power on again. I’m not sure what is wrong and how to properly make my NUC in sleep mode?


Does the journal have any hints?

Anecdotally, update your systems BIOS and unplug any USB devices to see if they’re causing the system to wake up.

I updated to the latest NUC BIOS before installing Clearlinux, I haven’t tested unplugging USB devices before. But it seems like my cheap USB keyboard is the root cause, I disconnected the keyboard then the NUC is in Suspend mode just fine. I’m thinking to replace it asap, thanks for the hint.

It’s good the heart you found there cause.

You can disable USB devices from being able to wake the system in BIOS if you don’t have a need for that.