Are there known sleep issues with Clear Linux?

Sleep doesn’t work at all on my laptop Clear Linux installation - screen blanks but the fans continue. Attempts to ‘wake’ the machine with a keypress (scare quotes because it’s not really asleep) sometimes work after a longish (1m or so) delay, but often lead to a crash & reboot.

I need to do some homework of my own on this - I’m not a complete newbie to Linux but it’s been years since I’ve used a linux GUI, & I’m not very familiar with systemd.

But in the light of the fact that sleep works fine on my system with ubuntu or fedora, are there any known issues in this respect specific to Clear Linux that I should be checking first?

FWIW I think I have a fix. It seems my laptop was going into s2idle by default. I don’t know why that causes a problem, but a bit of experimentation showed that ‘deep’ suspend works better for my particular model.

I made ‘deep’ persistent by adding a mem_sleep_default=deep kernel param (via putting it in a conf file in /etc/kernel/cmdline.d & then doing clr-boot-manager update).

So far so good.

[ tangent: oddly, this caused problems with my bluetooth mouse. The pairing via the gnome applet had been fine. Immediately after changing the suspend mode, it stopped reconnecting, even after a full reboot. Easy enough to fix by manually re-pairing with bluetoothctl, but odd nonetheless ]