[HOWTO] Installing Parsec from Deb

Hi all,

I am new to CL and wanted to share my experience of installing Parsec using their provided .deb package.

We will utilize FPM(Effing Package Management) to repackage the deb to rpm.

Here’s what we will be doing:
Create our own docker image for FPM.
Use that docker image to repackage the Parsec deb to rpm
Install Parsec

This guide will utilize the following bundles:

  • package-utils
  • containers-basic
  • alsa-utils

So let’s go ahead and install those:

sudo swupd bundle-add package-utils containers-basic alsa-utils

And enable and start docker
(if you don’t want docker running all the time skip the first command
you will just need to start it each time you want to update parsec)

sudo systemctl enable docker
sudo systemctl start docker

Let’s create some folders in our home directory to stay organized

mkdir ~/builds
mkdir ~/builds/fpmdocker
mkdir ~/builds/parsec

Now lets create the docker file for our image:
The reason we create our own instead of using the dockerfile provided by FPM is that it utilizes experimental docker features(squashfs) that we don’t need for repackaging.

Create a dockerfile

nano ~/builds/fpmdocker/dockerfile

With this content

FROM alpine:latest
RUN set -x \
	&& apk update && apk add \
		ruby \
		ruby-dev \
		rpm-dev \
		gcc \
		make \
		ca-certificates \
		libffi-dev \
		ruby-ffi \
	&& gem install fpm \
	&& mkdir /src/

Build our docker image and name it fpm

cd ~/builds/fpmdocker
sudo docker build -t fpm .

Create a shell script to download, repackage parsec, and cleanup after itself:

nano ~/builds/parsec/parsec.sh

with the follwing content

#Remove previous parsec RPM file
rm -f parsec.rpm

#Download the current deb
curl https://builds.parsecgaming.com/package/parsec-linux.deb --output parsec.deb

#Create a temporary docker container and repackage
sudo docker run --rm -v "$(pwd):/src/" fpm fpm -s deb -t rpm -p /src/parsec.rpm /src/parsec.deb

Run the script to create an RPM

cd ~/builds/parsec
. ./parsec.sh

Install the resulting Parsec RPM

sudo rpm -U --nodeps ~/builds/parsec/parsec.rpm

To update:

cd ~/builds/parsec
. ./parsec.sh
sudo rpm -U --nodeps ~/builds/parsec.rpm

To Uninstall:

sudo rpm -e parsec
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