Image Validation Fails: no properly formatted SHA512 checksum lines found

This is so noob. I can’t believe I’m stuck at the second step.

Using Linux, I’ve downloaded the desktop .iso and .sig from with a web browser, but running the sha512sum -c command on the .sig file returns the error in the title.

I followed the instructions to curl the .img file and signature, but get the same error. Searching a bit, I learned that the format of the signature in a .sig file is supposed to be something like <file_checksum>, however it seems the .sig files are not in plain text. I suspect this might be either part of the problem or a red herring stemming from my misunderstanding of the process.

What am I doing wrong?

I think you should run that command on the SHA512 file, not the .sig one. You can download it from here.

When both the .xz file and the SHA512 one are in the same folder, running

sha512sum -c clear-29460-live-desktop.iso.xz-SHA512SUMS

will verify the integrity of the download. :smile:

Thank you! Yes, totally noob. I thought the SHA512 and Signature links were the same link… D’oh!