Verify Media Hangs on "Fail to initialize ptp_kvm"

Hello the currently recommended Clear Linux OS Desktop
boots to the boot menu, but when selecting “Verify ISO”
an error message appears
“fail to initialize ptp_kvm”
and the system hangs.

What could cause this hang? Is there any thing a user can do to verify successfully?

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Download the checksum file and verify the download:
# sha512sum -c clear-35000-live-desktop.iso-SHA512SUMS

before writing it to the media:

The .iso has the correct checksum. The checksum file also verifies with the .pem file.
Reading from /dev/sdX matches the .iso before trying to boot with it.

The live OS option works, but the verification option simply hangs silently.

Might there be some BIOS or other settings that are required for the iso verify to work, that are not required of the live OS?


I’d like to give CL a try on a Lenovo T420. Booting from the `clear-35000-live-desktop.iso’ on a USB stick, the very first line appearing on screen is “fail to initialize ptp_kvm”. The system doesn’t hang and boot up from the USB stick seems to be normal.

The ISO has the correct checksum.
There is no entry concerning ptp_kvm in the log files.

Is there something I need to address before I install CL on the HDD?

Thank you for your help.

Had that happen to me few months ago, and someone pointed out that the message could not be the reason for the boot hang, but you see it because of the hang. I just went for the reinstall since I could afford it and figuring it out started to get too complicated for me.