CL not boot successful now

Good day to all those present. I use Google translate.
I used this system about a week before last night. Last night, the system issued a graphical error when trying to start a 3D game. Mosaic, something similar to the symptoms of a chip chip or video memory overheating. After which the system freezes.
After rebooting, the system does not start. I have an enlarged cursor, so when loading, a regular-sized cursor and a text cursor in the upper left corner are visible. For about three seconds, the mouse cursor moves jerkily. Then it freezes. The system does not boot further. The HDD indicator does not light. The cursor does not move. But it reacts to numlock.
I do not know what to do. In ubuntu there was a recovery mode. There is nothing here. I don’t even know which logs to look for when booting from a live flash drive. Perhaps gdm?
Perhaps the problem is something updated? The system is intel core skylake, radon polaris. Now I’m in a spare Windows and I don’t like it
I forgot to say, I reinstalled the system today with fresh ISO. Everything worked until at the end of the day I started the wartunder from Steam. And everything again hung - now without a mosaic. It just hung. And the situation with the cursor was repeated back.
I do not want to say bad words, but how can I get the system back?

My system hangs when I keep it up on low battery. It looks like under-voltage doesn’t trigger a system shutdown as you would expect on other operating systems. Maybe power regulation has a few problems here and there.

You might want to try looking at but it sounds like you’re getting a hardware or overheating issue :frowning:

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This worth reporting, but it needs more details.

I’m getting a similar kernel panic on boot. Looks like a GPU issue, getting artifacts on the screen and then the system froze as GPU crashed.

Can one use any live USB distro? Or does one have to use a Clear Linux live USB?

Thanks to all. This is not a battery or something hardware. This is my problem Version 33070 problems
amdgpu crashed in 33070 release

Also I want to say - change gpu to intel hd without extract amd card not work, i only see errors on black screen

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