How to recover OS

I updated my system and installed Nvidia drivers suggested in the Clear Linux documentation.

when I start with Clear Linux OS (Clear-linux-native-5.1.7-777), I only see my mouse cursor but I can’t move or login it just froze.

When I start with Clear Linux OS (Clear-linux-lts2018-4.19.48-48) it boots into tty command line boot (no GUI),
I tried to repair using

sudo swupd repair

this repaired Clear-Linux-native-5.1.7-777 but no GUI.
When I install the Nvidia driver GUI works once but the same thing happens if I restart the system.

I tried to uninstall Nvidia and use default driver, Uninstalled Nvidia as given in the documentation, I ran

sudo swupd repair

which repaired some files and now I don’t have boot select option, It directly boots into native-5.1.7-777 and freezes. I couldn’t add boot timer as I’m not able to login to lts, I can’t even go to tty in native.
Please help.

Perhaps sudo swupd repair --picky

Do you have motherboard GPU? If so, try to connect the display to the GPU.