Can't boot - Nvidia driver error


(My hardware is an Overpowered OP-LP3 laptop with a Nvidia 1060)

I installed Clear Linux last weekend and have used it every day until today. The error in the picture below would either flash for 1/2 second and the computer would bypass the error and continue to boot - or it would hang (like in the picture) and I would have to manually reboot the computer 1 or 2 times and then the computer would bypass the error and continue to boot.

However, now the computer no longer bypasses the error message nvidiafb: unknown NV_ARCH

I have tried adding modprobe.blacklist=nvidiafb to the kernel cmdline - that causes the error message to be absent, but the computer still hangs in the exact same spot.

Immediately before this problem occurred, I powered off my laptop but closed the lid about 1 second too early. When I powered on the laptop about an hour later, it resumed from suspend, but the trackpad didn’t work, so I opened a terminal and did systemctl poweroff.

I can boot to a Gparted USB, but not a Clear Linux USB. While in Gparted I can get an internet connection, and I can mount the Clear Linux filesystem, and chroot to the Clear Linux / directory.

Would it be possible for me to upgrade the kernel and Nvidia drivers while chrooting in from a live CD, or would this cause any worse problems?

Are there any temporary files I can delete to make it like it was before I accidentally closed the laptop lid too quickly during a shutdown?

Thank you!

I think from the other threads you’ll want to swupd repair at minimum. Please consult the other threads for more info.

Can you get to a terminal at all? (try switching virtual terminals e.g CTRL + ALT + F5). If not, you can also try interrupting the bootloader (hold SPACE during boot and hit e) and appending to avoid the attempt to start up graphics.

Once you get to a terminal, uninstall and reinstall the NVIDIA driver to see if that fixes the problem.