Login issue after latest update

After latest update,I cannot start CL,kernel boot but the Display is blank and cannot login.How can fix this?
(GPU is intel HD620)

ok,with nomodeset CL boot in command line
swupd repair --picky not resolve my issue,current version is 31800 ,I waiting the next latest version to upgrade

I have the same problem and can not login any more. Only a black screen. I am using a Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen. Please fix this as soon as possible.

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Hi, I have the same problem. Black screen with cursor freeze.

I’m using a Lenovo Y700-15ISK with CL version 31800.

Please, fix ASAP.

Logging a “me too”. HP Spectre x360.
Just when I was about to take the plunge and move over to Clear Linux completely…
Diagnose completes ok.

So this machine has an Intel GPU. HD Graphics 520. Freeze on boot unless using nomodeset at boot.

Ok I think I have temporarily resolved this by doing a roll-back. I read somewhere that there is no roll-back with CL, so this might break other things etc.

Use at your own risk, but works for me:
sudo swupd repair --picky --version 31790

Hey all, I got on github help by the team: The following workaround helped for me:


To get to a console to apply the workaround:

  • While rebooting, hit space repeatedly to bring up the boot manager menu
  • Hit e to edit the highlighted entry
  • Add systemd.unit=multi-user.target to the kernel command line to boot to console.

@btwarden what is the difference between this option and nomodeset?

This option boots you to a console without attempting to launch the GUI. nomodeset tells the kernel to avoid the graphics drivers and just use (non-accelerated) BIOS graphics modes.

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I have the same problem

Thanks,i downgrade to version 31790 and works for me too.

Error when downgrade.

have you disable autoupdate?

no, it has always been enabled.

disable first and after make downgrade
and version is 31790

how do i disable it?

fwiw: The build with the fix - 31810 - is out

No internet connection? You can run nmtui to manage it from the console.

For anyone who tried the roll-back before, I advise to make sure all is well and run a
sudo swupd repair --picky --version 31810 after the update.