Booting into gnome fails on latest patch

Hey, all my clear linux laptops hang after login. I found that changing from xorg to wayland solves the problem, but my laptops with autologin are stuck.

I do not know how to change the grub parameter to boot into terminal and change the config from there. Currently I have init=/usr/bin/initra-desktop . I tried single, /usr/bin/sh, but both just crash the system. Please help, thank you!


This is similarly to another posting.

I logged an issue for the CL team.

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Hey there, first of thank you for your reply and for raising this issue with the cl team!
Unfortunately I only have two entries other than boot to firmware interface and efi defaults in the grub menu and both of them won’t boot…

using option: will only give me the option to continue with boot, it says_

Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked.

Press to continue ...

I am a little bit sad, because up to now clear linux was the rolling release distro whose updates never broke anything.

Anyway I could fix things with booting from usb and just setting auto login to false in my dot files and on the login screen selecting GNOME instead of GNOME XORG, which is the wayland based session.