Clear Linux Boot fails after update to 36700

Hello dear Clear Linux community,

after the update to 36700 linux does not start automatically and stops at the boot-logo.
A similar problem probably existed before:

Is the problem here a new kernel update or UEFI?
I was able to boot an older kernel 5.18.12-1160 than the more recent 5.18.12-1162 using SPACE-Button.

Can you please help me here what can I do? Or should I wait for the next update?

Many thanks and greetings


It works. An update to release 36750 solved the problem.



@mirkokirchner I’m having your same issue: native-5.18.16-1165 doesn’t boot, I have to press SPACE and select native-5.18.11-1159. I have an Alienware M15 R6 laptop with NVIDIA drivers. I am afraid to update the system as I don’t know if the working kernel config will be overwritten, and if the new one doesn’t work either I’m quite screwed

Hello SPAstef,

you should be able to update your system using swupd, but…
it seems that the problem is not really solved, my computer stops again at the boot logo and i have to press the SPACE to load kernel 5.18.16-1171.native instead of 5.18.16-1178.native or more recent
When I use the more recent kernel my screen stays dark and i have to reboot.

Build-ID: 36930
Kernel: 5.18.16-1171.native > but could be more recent

Actually I noticed that, in my case, the computer DOES boot, but the login screen is not rendered (on the laptop display, it’s all black; on the external monitor, it’s all “grayish”).
However, input still works, so I can just press ENTER and insert my password and I get to the GNOME desktop. It’s quite annoying but hey.

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I was having exactly that issue this morning.
Gray screen instead of my usual Gnome workspace, no icons, no desktop, only a dark gray screen…
So the “solution” is to hit SPACE on boot to change the kernel to an older one ?

What I did was to revert back from revision 37120 to revision 36900 :

$ sudo swupd repair -m 36900 --force

And it did the trick after a loong while
Happy sunday mornings like that…

I really appreciate Clear Linux overall for the performance and clean design but I’m seriously thinking about changing next time for something more reliable : something like that happened 2 times in 2 years… Well maybe that’s not a lot in the linux world, but talk about stability… Yeah I know they’re dropping the desktop part… And they probably don’t test everything due to not enough budget…

Anyway I’ll wait for a later update, 37140 or something like that
CL would be perfect otherwise. And I mean it.

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Mesa appears to be broken in Clear Linux 37120. I confirmed mesa working in 37110.

no problem on version 37160

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After fixing boot-issues by switching to the Wayland-X (by selecting it at the login-prompt), only 2 days later the following behavior occurs: as soon as the login-user button appears it starts to loop a refresh of this screen, it seems. This loop occurs so fast that the mouse-cursor does not even appear, and it also does even not respond to the enter-button (to click the defaulted login-user).
I am able to select the previous kernel-version (with spacebar) but both available versions show this behavior: Clear-linux-native-5.19.9-1188 and -1187.
Any suggestions?

You might try LTS kernel.

Yep, fixed in 37160 for me too

Yes I can also confirm the new update works just fine.
As you said, I’m also facing problems every once in a while with an update.
This is one of the cons of having an “incremental” OS. With, say, Ubuntu you would likely be having similar issues when updating to a new version, but this won’t happen very often (at most twice a year if you pick up both the .4 and .10 updates).
With Clear Linux you’re often living at the edge, which for some things can be a bit of a hassle (yes Nvidia Drivers, I’m talking about you)


I don’t use Clear Linux as a daily driver, but I do use it for testing. While some people have that need for daily “speed”, however, like a video game, too much speed tends to send the player off the imaginary road at times. I test it to examine how it behaves on certain hardware (like AMD), how certain applications perform on it and compatibility due to its unique library management. I also do lots of compares running it in KVM.
I learned about 2 years ago that not every update is a good update on Clear. Not a bad thing, just an awareness. Just life with a rolling release.