Clear Linux Boot fails after update to 36700

Hello dear Clear Linux community,

after the update to 36700 linux does not start automatically and stops at the boot-logo.
A similar problem probably existed before:

Is the problem here a new kernel update or UEFI?
I was able to boot an older kernel 5.18.12-1160 than the more recent 5.18.12-1162 using SPACE-Button.

Can you please help me here what can I do? Or should I wait for the next update?

Many thanks and greetings


It works. An update to release 36750 solved the problem.



@mirkokirchner I’m having your same issue: native-5.18.16-1165 doesn’t boot, I have to press SPACE and select native-5.18.11-1159. I have an Alienware M15 R6 laptop with NVIDIA drivers. I am afraid to update the system as I don’t know if the working kernel config will be overwritten, and if the new one doesn’t work either I’m quite screwed