Install error iso cd (pclmulqdq)

Hi all
I’ve tried to install Clear Linux OS from iso CD but installation has stopped : Fatal detected missing required cpu feature carry-less multiplication extensions (pclmulqdq).

Checking if host is capable of running Clear Linux* OS in a container
SUCCESS: 64-bit CPU (lm)
SUCCESS: Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (ssse3)
SUCCESS: Streaming SIMD Extensions v4.1 (sse4_1)
SUCCESS: Streaming SIMD Extensions v4.2 (sse4_2)
FAIL: Carry-less Multiplication extensions (pclmulqdq)

How to fix it?

Get a newer CPU…

Now I have Intel® Core™ i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz × 4
Which one will be better and not most expensive

Intel Core i3-10100 @ 3,6GHz x 4 / 4,3GHz Turbo

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Thanks guys. I’ll check some options and I’ll share my results.

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