Installation stuck at Downloading


its here from hours
whats to do with that

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Hello manjeet_saini, welcome to the clear linux forum.

First thing I would ask you to do is to restart the installation process and let me know if it gets past this. You are communicating on the network but the update server connection may not be the best depending on your location.

If re-running the installation doesn’t get you past this you can try the following:

  1. Boot to the installation USB drive
  2. In the gnome desktop, open a terminal and run the following command:
    sudo clr-installer-gui --swupd-mirror

This is an update mirror that is used by folks in APAC

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i am now trying this

but i have a question
if its just a live cd to install OS ( i.e. it does not just copy the live image to sdd or hdd like other linux distros) then what is the need of these extra apps and so much apps on the installer

The live desktop gives people a first glance at using CL before installing it. It is also to helpful to have when repairing broken systems.

There is also a live-server installer which is a minimal terminal based installer.

I have done with the install
install done successfully thanks

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Glad to hear it installed successfully

Hello its didnt work for me "blocked for another process!