Problems in Installation

I am new to the world of linux and tried to install clear OS on my notebook positivo vision c14, appeared the error message “Installation failed. See /root/clr-installer.log for details.”, I went to see the file and saw:

2023/09/19 12:42:58 [INF] Installation Steps complete
2023/09/19 12:42:58 [DBG] timeout --kill-after=30s 30s curl --no-sessionid -o /tmp/clr-installer-vaml-1047531940 -s -f
2023/09/19 12:42:58 [DBG] sync user is sudo_user=#1000
2023/09/19 12:42:58 [DBG] Gnome Proxy Mode: none
2023/09/19 12:42:58 [DBG] [Previous line repeated 4 times]
2023/09/19 12:42:58 [DBG] cmd.Env: [ ]
2023/09/19 12:43:28 [DBG] FetchRemoteConfigFile failed : “exit status 124”
2023/09/19 12:43:28 [DBG] Failed to download the Post-Installation message: exit status 124

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I am a linux newbie too @Limamdes. Welcome to Clear Linux.

I suggest you connect an ethernet cable or have the wifi connected to your home network during the installation.

Let us know if you used the GUI or command line installation.

Hi @Indy. thanks for the welcome.

I was already connected to the internet when the error appeared and i had used the GUI installation.

sorry for taking so long to reply.

Hey @Limamdes , not to worry.

If you were connected to internet during installation, I am not sure what went wrong. It is worth trying an older ISO like 37** or 38**. I usually choose the erase and use the whole drive option. Did you install it in a partition rather than the whole drive?

Hope someone else in the forum is wiser than I :smiling_face:

Have you retried it? Looks like it was timing out trying to download that yaml file, but I can see the cdn is serving it up now.


@Indy thanks for the help!!! I deleted the entire drive before installing.

@pixelgeek sorry for replying late again, I tried at least four times before post my problem here.