Error ClearLinux Server installation Exit Status 1 Error Trace

Same problem like Error ClearLinux Server installation Exit Status 1 Error Trace · Issue #770 · clearlinux/clr-installer · GitHub but with own laptop

Describe the bug
After the installation process an error occurs, without telling the installation is complete, the installer immediately exits and gives the error message below :

Error Trace :

Help, i select destructive installation here, I just want to install clear linux on my nvme.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Make usb bootable clear linux server to usb drive with dd command
  2. Boot into usb bootable
  3. Enter username root and password do you want to use
  4. Enter clr-installer
  5. Configure all stuff and confirm to install
  6. Processing installation
  7. Everything looks like it’s actually processing the installation, but after the process is almost complete (bootloader install process) error appears.

Expected behavior
The installer does not close itself, and tells the install process is complete, clear linux can be rebooted and booted properly.


Environment (please complete the following information):

  • Clear Linux OS Version: 36010
  • Installer Version 2.7.3
  • Platform: Dell G15 5520 with NVME SSD

Additional context
I thought the problem was the internet connection, but it’s the same.

Try making the usb with Etcher and boot in uefi mode

I had try with Etcher and boot in UEFI mode but the error is still same

could you attach the contents of the error logs

finally I can copy this after a lot of trial in the terminal.

yup, here it is
(the character in here is limited to 32000, I provide a link to the log file)