Installer-updater for Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Chromium-Freeworld, and Vivaldi

Some time ago, I created an update script for checking and installing Chromium-Freeworld updates automatically. Tonight, I completed the same for Brave, Google Chrome, and Vivaldi. The automation installs the browser if non-existence. Otherwise, it checks and updates the browser to the latest stable release.

$ ~/bin/upd-brave-stable
Brave Browser stable (current)

$ ~/bin/upd-chrome-stable
Google Chrome stable 106.0.5249.103 (current)

$ ~/bin/upd-chromium-freeworld
Chromium-Freeworld 106.0.5249.91 (current)

$ ~/bin/upd-vivaldi-stable
Vivaldi stable 5.5.2805.35 (current)

The installers live at the NVIDIA driver on Clear Linux repo, under the HWAccel/bin folder.


I assume this is for low level installs, not for Flatpaks.

I assume this is for low level installs, not for Flatpaks.

Yes. The binaries live under /opt.

I was unable to get Wayland working in Clear Linux. At the bare minimum, I will update the repo ensuring the following are satisfied. But something else is preventing Wayland from working using the proprietary driver.

  • GDM udev rule looks for /usr/bin/
  • GDM udev rule checks for NVIDIA hibernate, resume, and suspend services enabled

For extra QA, I installed Fedora 37 beta solely to test Wayland. Scale factor does not yet work in Wayland. I updated the launch scripts and disabled SF="".

Thank you, I’ll try Google Chrome ASAP.

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