Installing Google Earth Pro

I would like to use the Google Earth Pro desktop app on Clear. I tried downloading the RPM and installing using dnf, but that failed. Any suggestions about what else I might try?

james@Q35~ $ sudo dnf install --releasever=/ google-eart
Unable to detect release version (use '--releasever' to
specify release version)
Last metadata expiration check: 9:11:10 ago on Sun 11 Au
g 2019 01:47:24 AM EDT.
Can not load RPM file: google-earth-pro-stable-current.x
Could not open: google-earth-pro-stable-current.x86_64.r

A nice person on IRC answered it for me.

rpm2cpio ~/Downloads/google-earth-pro-stable-current.x86_64.rpm | (cd / ; sudo cpio -idv )

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Thanks for sharing this, could this be somehow bundled with CL ?

Google Earth, like many Google products is distributed as a binary by Google. Whilst they build it for Debian/Ubuntu, and Fedora/Open Suse, they don’t provide a package that would work out of the box for Clear Linux. And without a licence to redistribute binaries, we can’t package it for Clear Linux on their behalf. It’s the same story for Google Chrome. We’d like to be able to provide these programs so they can be easily used in Clear Linux, but I don’t anticipate any support soon.