Installing Intel One Mono

In case anyone wanted to try out the new Intel One Mono font in their terminals, here are the steps to install it.
You can read the README at GitHub - intel/intel-one-mono: Intel One Mono font repository
Navigate to the releases page Releases · intel/intel-one-mono · GitHub

Pick the zipfile for the type of font you want to use - TTF if your primary use is for online (e.g. desktop displays) or OTF if you want use the font for print, WOFF for web use.

Extract the zipfile

Open the extracted folder in the file manager. Right click on each font you want to install and ‘open with fonts’.

Then when you restart Terminal (and run neofetch for visuals)…

You can click on the hamburger menu icon in the top right and select preferences and select the theme you’re using

then click on the custom font checkbox and click the button with the current font (in this case Monospace)

scroll up and highlight IntelOne Mono and select

Then enjoy! I think it looks a bit smoother and I especially like the lower case L. What do you think?

(Post edited to point to the releases folder for the zipfiles - Thanks @insign )


Looks good!

How about using it as a custom font for this forum?

Why not just download it from releases?

BTW, I added intel-one-mono to the xpm, if anyone wanna try or make the installation easier


Most of this site is in a proportional font. I suppose I could figure out how to mangle the theme for pre-formatted text but to be honest, that seems like a job for a CSS expert and I don’t really want to break anything. I’d rather bug our developers to package the font for Clear Linux itself.

Why not just download it from releases?

D’oh! Yes, I should read the README more closely myself rather than just pointing everyone else at it. Fixed the write up, thanks!

BTW, I added intel-one-mono to the xpm , if anyone wanna try or make the installation easier

Thanks for this!


Thank you @pixelgeek . Very pleasing font for my eyes. I made it the system font in KDE as well as the Edge browser.

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And thanks to @william.douglas , this font is now available as a package

$ swupd search intel-one-mono
Component intel-one-mono has version 1.2.1

Bundle with the best search result:
     intel-one-mono                 	- An expressive monospaced font family  (1MB) 

This bundle can be installed with:

  swupd bundle-add  intel-one-mono