What's the best way to add and remove fonts?

I installed Geany and am playing with the fonts. I couldn’t help but notice there are eleventy hundred ‘noto’ fonts. I went into /usr/share/defaults/fonts/conf.d/ and did grep -rin noto * and noto didn’t come up. So I deleted the 65-* files and rebooted but that wasn’t the trick.

I’ve found Clear and systemd are about 180° out from my apt-get / ubuntu upbringing so thought I’d ask before really banging my head.

Doubly frustrating is seeing /usr/share/fonts/terminus/ which is one of my faves!!! But it isn’t available on the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Download the font. Double click to install in gnome fonts

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Oh cool, that works to install fonts, thanks!

For anyone wondering what I did to add terminus, I ran:
gnome-font-viewer /usr/share/fonts/terminus/ter-x14n.pcf.gz
and then in the top right corner of the font-viewer, the install button was blue. As a note, this instance of font-viewer isn’t aware of the system’s configuration, so it won’t gray out and say “installed” after you click install. Further, if you close it and then reopen gnome-font-viewer, the newly installed font will not show up in the listing of installed fonts. BUT it was available immediately for me to apply in Geany editor.

Now what to do to get rid of the many, many noto* fonts?

This is strange because my font-viewer correctly detects the installed fonts.

Wow. I forgot fonts are broken. This is a disappointment… now trying to evaluate if I can abandon Windows in the workplace and foist Clear upon my people.