Intel compilers installation on the clear linux

Hi, I moved to Clear Linux from Ubuntu just because of CL is an Intel-native OS. Surprisingly, when I tried to install intel compilers from the parallel studio, I got a lot of errors, and installation could not proceed. Following are few of the errors

  1. unsupported OS
  2. libx11 not found
  3. libXss not found
    and some more (which I dont remember now)
    I think some of them are critical errors. I was installing parallel studio 2019 update 4. 64 bit on intel xeon.
    Any help is appreciated.

There is a discussion about this on GitHub you may want to +1 and follow:

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How I wish that this wasn’t the case, … :confused:

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Surprisingly, the latest update Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ Linux* 2018 Version: Update 5, which was rolled out yesterday, seems to be working in my case. I could install them without any problem (except unsupported OS).
I am loving the new OS :smile:

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I found a solution for 2019* releases:

  1. ignore “unsupported OS”
  2. install studio, it will complain on libx11 and libXss, so it will disable GUI for some tools, it is ok
  3. install it again but now put - “upgrade”, and check boxes for previously missed GUI. Now everything should be installed and just work.

I am happy user of Vtune Amplifier now, with all GUI support on Clear Linux