Introduce Yourself!

:wave: Introduce yourself! Let us know who you are!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, maybe a fact about you that most people don’t know, and 3 things about Clear Linux that you’re interested in. Let’s have a little fun!

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My name is Beatriz Palmeiro, and my nickname is Bia. What is a trick for most of native English speakers, because I in Portuguese sounds like E in English. :slight_smile: I’m from Brazil, and I’m living in the US for two years. I work with Open Source for five years, one year for Clear Linux. My background is in User Experience, mostly dedicated to Developer Experience: understanding developer’s mindset, how to improve their experience with a project, how we can make their lives easier, best ways to find the information and support they are looking for, what a great open source community looks like to them, etc. Ballroom dance is my hobby; maybe it is a fact most people don’t know.

Thinking about a community you are part of, what does make it pleasant?


Hello All, My name is Kristal Dale, but I go by Kris. I’m a contributor to the Clear Linux documentation (and frequent tester/user of Clear Linux features). I have a software background, but I’m somewhat new to open source and am really enjoying the whole process and culture.

An interesting fact about me: I’ve climbed to the top of the world’s tallest church 9 times!


Oh wow! What’s the world’s tallest church and why have you been there 9 times!? :open_mouth:

The Ulm Minster (Ulmer Münster) - I lived in Ulm for 5 years, and ended up taking visitors to the top (plus one bachelorette party that involved the hike to the top). Amazing view of the Danube Valley, if the Ulm Fog hasn’t rolled in :wink:


Hi everyone! I’m Stanley Phoong, I help working on the Clear Linux engineering teams and some of the projects that involves regarding Clear Linux within Intel. I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been working on Open Source for 10 years now.

I’m a big fan of Michael Faraday! Nice to meet ya’ll.


Hello! I’m Rebecca Chang. I’m from Malaysia. I have been contributing to open source projects for the past 5 years. I’m currently involved in Clear Linux project within Intel Corp for engineering contribution. Hope to learn more from the Clear Linux experts.


Hi, Everyone,

My name is Jono and I am working with Intel to help the development of the ClearLinux community. You can find out more about my work here.

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Ed Borasky, perhaps better known as znmeb. I’ve been using Linux and R since Y2K, often dual-booted with Windows on laptops. I’ve gone through most of the Linux distros and had settled on Arch Linux up until I saw some Clear Linux benchmarks on Phoronix. I’m really eager to get this going now.


Hi all, I am Nikola, Linux user since the times one could download RedHat on 8 floppies including the source code :slight_smile:
I am on a never-ending quest for a fast, snappy, developer-oriented and rich Linux distro, lately settled on Mint/XFCE and Manjaro - but eager to try Clear Linux.

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Anthony Marchini , I am a software Engineer of sorts. Working a lot with BIOS these days. Working primarily on x86 devices in the embedded realm.

Attempting to find a small Linux that will be the basis of a manufacturing testing system for CPUs and data acquisition boards.

I have E38xx Baytrail CPUs manufactured about 150 feet away from my desk.

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hello my name is Rick i am longtime linux user from Gentoo the easier as i get older migrated to ubuntu and all the versions of such,i dont do a lot at home on my pc but am and Quake player and now using Steam to play Quakelive so am interested to see how well steam runs on this os and since the installer has been updated ready to give it another shot.
i also make tv-sticks using the intel compute sticks and a custom version of linuxium.
one thing i have not found is how to install the Nvidia drivers on Clear Linux
i live in Vermont so happy to see snow on the 14th of may wahooo —NOT
and i noticed other mentions of Redhat on here and that was my first linux os and i actually bought it at a staples store,it would not boot so i tried to return it and of course could not then after frogging with it found it did not like the mouse i was using and boom it booted and that was the beginning like 20 years ago.i then of course found distrowatch and have been forever hooked…

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Hi everyone

My name is Simon. I am a simple desktop user and nothing about development. I am currently looking for a solid distribution to replace Windows. The live USB surprised me in a very good way. If I can get Nvidia drivers to work smoothly I think this might be a good choice for everyday users too!


Hi Rick, welcome to the community! We do have a tutorial for installing the NVIDIA drivers in our documentation.

Hope that helps and if not, please let us know what’s missing.

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hi Nvidia was pretty straight forward now my issue is getting steam to install it has a number of errors.


Installing the games bundle (swupd bundle-add games) will probably get you going, it includes the 32bit libs that steam desires.

i found that and did install it then noticed i have a software icon but nothing in it installs.

i tried the flatpack way and it errors out.

Hi, I’m Geoff.

I’m a software engineer, currently working at Heetch. I’ve been using and developing software for Linux since 1994, and I worked on large scale systems management and cloud management tooling at Canonical (Ubuntu) between 2011 and 2017.

Clear Linux interests me because:

  1. Innovative technology (i.e. Kata Containers)
  2. Performance
  3. Security

Something about me… hmm… well, I am not a doctor, and I know very little about Cancer treatment, but I once gave a keynote presentation at a conference of Oncologists in Munich.

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My name is Adam. I’m a Jack of all IT trades, master of none. I like to explore technology and techniques in a never-ending attempt to improve business and to have fun.

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Hello everyone, I’m Mattia!

I’m a Physics student in L’Aquila (Italy), which is also my native town.
I use Clear as an everyday OS, do some scientific programming in Fortran and recently started experimenting with machine learning. I also love design and tech in general! :smile:

I chose Clear because of the optimizations, as I want to squeeze as much performance as possible from my laptop!