Is it possible to run Clear Linux in Hyper V with a GUI?

Ive just learned about Clear Linux, Ive decided I want to install Linux on my workstation Im simply done spending every day trying to configure windows drivers. After a few months of research Im finding myself always coming back to Clear Linux. I have an intel 10th Gen i7 processor with Nvidia Quadro 300 GPU. I work mainly in graphics and art, front end web development with some programing and am getting into 3D animation and Virtual reality. Ive been using Linux lightly for several years and am very comfortable with it. Any advice on how not to destroy my new workstation would be much appreciated!

Im asking for more than what was intended here but mainly am just trying to test out Clear Linux without doing a full install right away. Any help and advice would be much appreciated thank you in advance.


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Download Clear Linux desktop and you can test it from a live usb drive installation disk before you install.`

Is it possible to run Clear Linux in Hyper V with a GUI?


Or, you can manually install by booting with ISO image.

The link you provided does not allow for an installation with a graphical interface it’s command line only. My question was if it’s possible to install Clear Linux on HyperV with a GUI! The answer seems to be no!

I’m aware of that but it doesn’t answer my question I’m asking if I can run it on HyperV not via bootable usb.

GUI is available. Actually, I did in both Hyper-V and WSL2.

option 1: install bundle “desktop” later
option 2: boot Hyper-V VM with desktop ISO image, and manually install

You also said I really want to test it (Clear Linux), booting live from a usb is by far the best way to test it at full PC strength and answers your need to test.