Is libgccjit package available in clearlinux?

Please add libgccjit package in clearlinux , so that it would compile emacs .
I cant live when emacs (latesr greatest version) isnt available.


ok so is this two questions?

  1. how do I get libgccjit
  2. please get “the greatest emacs”

on 1) I’m checking what it takes to enable that… does not seem to hard so should be available in the next update if all goes well

on 2) … yes we really want to ship the best possible emacs [*], hands down. So we’re also very much interested i hearing in what way our emacs is short of the best possible emacs

[*] if a VI/VIM person sees this, yes we are also absolutely interested in shipping the best possible vim… as developers we want the developer tools to be really great independent on who wins the emacs/vi debate

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Thank you.
Please let me know here, if libgccjit is available , i’ll distro hope , later when that package is there in clearlinux.