Is there any way I can get back my old wallpaper?

So, Gnome just got updated to version 42. BTW, I’m absolutely loving Clear, I love how updates are seamless. I was browsing the web for a while and looked up to find that the battery icon had changed, I opened files and the folder theme had changed too and the updates all happened in the background without me ever being aware of it, didn’t experience any stutters or lag and I’m using a pretty low end laptop :smile:
Anyways, there was this wallpaper from the previous version that I quite liked but it’s no longer available in the new version. It’s no big deal, I’m just wondering if there is an easy way to get it back? Thanks!

You can find them here :arrow_right: backgrounds · gnome-41 · GNOME / gnome-backgrounds · GitLab


Awesome, that’s perfect thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: