Update to Gnome 3.34

When is likely for Gnome 3.34 be available in the updates?

The progress for this can be seen on the clear Linux GitHub issue here.

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As @nsgnn says, we’re working on it, but it was not a smooth upgrade. Gnome issues were gating our releases last week, so we’ve pulled them for now so that we can keep the release cadence up and not gate other components like the installer, but rest assured, we’re still working on getting Gnome updated as soon as we can, with the quality that we expect.


The update is stuck on several gnome extensions as far as I can remember. @mesiment knows more.

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Hello @Ron_Chan, welcome to the Clear Linux* Forum :tada:

Thanks for your heads-up regarding the GNOME 3.34 update :slightly_smiling_face:

As it has been mentioned already, this is a work in progress and should be available soon. I just posted an update on the effort in the GitHub issue

In summary:
There were some extensions broken and functionality regressions which did not meet our quality criteria for release. They have been resolved by now, but we continue with the testing :robot:

Expect the GNOME 3.34 update to be available soon-ish :rocket:

PS: thanks @ahkok for pointing this into my direction :+1:


In case anyone was wondering, Gnome 3.34 has been pushed and is live in Clear Linux now.


I’ve got GNOME 3.34 on Arch Linux and there are still some issues. Most notably if you log out and try to log back in with a GNOME Classic session, it crashes. This is some kind of gdm issue - Fedora 31 beta also ran into it and they linked to an upstream bug on the GNOME GitLab repo.

Thanks guys, working great here!

Only question is where are the default 3.34 wallpapers?

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I decided to hold a little bit on the 3.34 wallpapers, so users currently doing 3.32 wallpapers don’t get a cumbersome experience due to the swapping of the available backgrounds.

I’m thinking of maybe provide both previous-stable and current-stable wallpapers and swapping in/out the previous release as new one arrive.

It’s been available since release 31110, although it is still not available through our downloads page.

If you’d like you can get it from the following URL:

Just ignore my previous message. https://clearlinux.org/downloads is updated now. :slight_smile:

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And the installer will reach out online and pull the latest version anyway :slight_smile: