GNOME 3.34 on Clear Linux OS

You have probably noticed if you’re following the Update to Gnome 3.34 thread here about the GNOME 3.34 update. We didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to announce that GNOME 3.34 it’s available on Clear Linux OS starting from the release 31110.

The update process was quite an adventure. We had to roll back this update a few weeks due to some issues that might impact our users’ experience (more details can be found in our clearlinux/distribution/issues GitHub space).

While this is not the first update we have done of GNOME on Clear Linux OS, we are always looking at improving our tooling and procedures to make sure these updates can be delivered in a timely manner, causing as few issues as possible and keeping the changes out of the way of the users’ workflow.

Our friends at GNOME have done a great job already, pointing out what the latest and greatest bits are in their GNOME 3.34 release notes webpage if you’re interested in learning about changes for this release.

While not all GNOME goodness is provided yet (Tracker, sysprof, Epiphany, Games, among others), we continue working hard to provide a great experience around the desktop usability on Clear Linux OS.

Make sure to give it a try if you haven’t already, and we hope you enjoy GNOME Thessaloniki on our Clear Linux OS!

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback and issue reports at GitHub :tada: