Can I switch back to GNOME 3.32

Hello, I have a DELL Docking station with displaylink chip for multiple monitors. I’ve been using it with openSUSE Tumbleweed + gnome 3.32… but after update to 3.34, issues arised.

First, I thought, the problem was the kernel, so I uninstall opensuse and tried with clearlinux and kernel lts (4.19), but clear linux comes with gnome 3.34, and it has the same problems.

I’m sure gnome 3.32 works for me, but most distros out there include gnome 3.34; it’s bad, because something that worked got broken, and I don’t have a feasible option to go back to the versions I know worked for me (where is open source’s liberty now), anyway…

Is it posible to downgrade from gnome 3.34 to gnome 3.32 in clearlinux?


What is broken?
Reverting back is possible but not recommended.

Gnome (or mutter) is not drawing windows or menus until I press a key or move the mouse.
This happens only with external monitors connected to the docking station.

gnome 3.32 didn’t have this problem.

I just executed swupd repair, in order to download version 31100, and it0s working fine again. I will stay in 31100 until this issue is fixed or I have time to learn about the gnome stack and try to fix it by myself.