Kernel Version in each Build Version

Hi All,

Is there a Kernel map anywhere (or some other quick and easy reference) relating the kernel version in use with a build version number?

I’m thinking of something along the lines of these, but for Clear:

Failing that, what is the easiest you know if to do this by searching on Github or the CDN?

The best I know of is searching for ‘linux-’ in either of:


we have typically 2 to 3 releases per week so having a table like that is … cumbersome

we follow the stable releases of the kernel pretty aggressively for obvious security reasons… and go to a new kernel version (5.1x level) usually at the 5.16.1 minor level… typically within 2 days

Okay thanks. Makes sense, and saves wasting time. I just wondered if it was documented somewhere that I was missing.