Kudos to our most recent Silver Member

As you all know, we cherish our active community members here in the Clear Linux OS community. We want to build a Linux community that is open, engaging, and celebrates amazing work. Each and every one of you make our community what it is.

Thanks, @Businux businux, for becoming Silver!

I am thrilled to share that @businux recently achieved the status of Silver Member in our community. This is impressive because he only joined two months ago! Wow!

On behalf of the community, I can only say thanks! @Businux is one of our most active community members, answering questions, participating in several discussions, and sharing his expertise within the community.

The community wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you! The whole Clear Linux Project team appreciate your fantastic work!


:blush: I’m flattered

Thanks for the kind words, Beatriz :hugs:


Amazing work, @Businux!


Let’s make Clear Linux a big success all together !